24h Jerusalem

Head of research, Co-Director

Overall artistic responsibility: Volker Heise

Broadcaster: ARTE / BR / NRK / YLE

Prod: zero one 24, alegria productions

Year of completion: 2014

On Air: April 12th 2014 for 24 hours

Website: 24hJerusalem.tv

A unique place, a unique programme: “24h Jerusalem” tells a day in the life of a fascinating and contrasting city. A 24-hour television and Internet experience like no other.
Jerusalem, between Heaven and Earth - the eyes of Christians, Jews and Muslims all over the world turn to the city. The destinies of Israel, Palestine, the Middle East and indeed the whole world are inextricably linked to Jerusalem's. For an uninterrupted 24-hour period, watch the full array of the city's inhabitants living out their daily lives.

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PRIX EUROPA 2014, Special Commendation: Best European online project