Dagestan's Peaceful Warriors

Dramaturgical Editing Advisor

Documentary, 48 min

Broadcaster: Al Jazeera English - "Witness" series

Dir: Katharina von Schroeder

Prod: Perfect Shot Films

DP: Natalia Mikhaylova

Editor: André Nier

Language: Russian

Subtitles: English

Year of completion: 2015

Dagestan, a Russian Caucasus Republic on the lawless verge of economic and political collapse. An escape from the bleak reality comes in the form of a collective national obsession with wrestling, martial arts and masculine strength that goes way beyond the sphere of sports.
Hidden in the mountains of the volatile Northern Caucasus republic Dagestan lies Russia’s most prestigious boarding school for martial arts.
Amongst its graduates are 15 World-, 11 European champions, and the only non-Chinese King of Kung Fu.
But founder Gusein Magomaev, a former Soviet karate legend is not only educating world class fighters here. He has created a fortress where he’s protecting 200 children and teenagers from the war that’s going on outside the thick walls.

Online at Al Jazeera English: DAGESTAN'S PEACFUL WARRIORS