Moharram - Waiting for the dawn

Documentary, 82 min

Dir: Florian Schewe, David Nawrath

Prod: K5Film

DP: Florian Schewe, David Nawrath

Sound: Said Mahmoudi

Editor: Rodney Sewell, BFS

Language: Farsi

Subtitles: English, German

Year of completion: 2005


In the midst of a growing culture of fear, “Moharram – Waiting for the Dawn” offers an entirely different perspective and impartial look behind a façade that usually remains impenetrable. The spotlight is not cast on the political or religious leaders, but on the youth of Tehran, which makes up a staggering proportion of the population (70% of Tehran’s 14 million inhabitants are under 30 years old).

Revolving around the religious event of Moharram (the annual month of mourning in commemoration of the martyrdom of Imam Hossein who died some 1400 years ago) the film explores the views of young people on the current living conditions in Iran - discovering striking parallels to Western society. The realisation that the protagonists, like young people everywhere, are struggling hard to determine their identity in the face of a rapidly changing global culture, makes for a great potential for identification for a western audience.

Festivals / Awards:

Kasseler DOKFEST, Germany - Golden Key Award: nominated

EXGROUND Film Festival, Germany

DOCUSUR International Southern Documentary Film Festival, Spain

Istanbul International Meeting of Cinema and History Film Festival, Turkey

More about the film: K5Film

Shown on German Television BR with German Voice-over and title:
"Irans junge Wilde - Zwischen Religion und Rebellion"